Friday, August 20, 2010

Puppy Personals

I know you all were expecting more wedding stuff but for today I am going to divert and talk about something else. A colleague from Dow’s home location in Michigan is here for business. We actually met when I was there for a meeting in the spring and became friends on Facebook. When I saw the post that she’d be in Houston I followed up with dinner plans and when I saw the post about how she is missing her dog I offered to let her borrow one of ours. In case you didn’t know we have 5 – I know it is insane but it is what it is. None of our five though look anything like hers which I am sure is at least part Golden so I thought I should help her choose which one to borrow or at very least have fun with the ideas floating in my head so I have written a brief personal for each puppy.

Bentley – handsome, middle aged male with classic Airedale looks, likes long walks and evenings stretched out on the couch or the bed enjoying a little TV. Not a big fan of horror or loud action movies. James Coney Island is a dining fav and any date would most likely include this fine dining establishment. I love to talk and have remarkable communication skills that will ensure you always are aware of my needs and desires.  I also have a great sense of humor and promise to amuse and entertain you.

Roux – if you are looking for an active younger companion and you like chicks with beards I am perfect for you. I am not one for sitting still often and I will bring fun and excitement into your life. Favorite pastimes include vigorous strolls around the park and other outdoor activities. I tend to dive right in both to life and to my water bowl so life may be a little wet at times but is never boring. My zest for life is matched only by the same quest for love and you will be treated to constant shows of my affection.

Bridgett – You are only as old as you feel and you would never guess that I am 17. I love fast cars and long rides. Given the opportunity, I will run the neighborhood with amazing speed and youth. My Basset hound heritage makes me an excellent vocalist and gives me the amazing ability to stretch to counter height and provide delightful dining choices.

Walter – if you are looking for someone to protect and defend you I am the perfect choice. I will gladly throw all 5 pounds of myself into the mix to protect your honor and all I ask in return in your constant devotion. I am often described as adorable and hilarious and the fact that half my hair grew in backwards seems to make people love me even more. I also love horror movies (if you‘ll let me cuddle up close) and have at times been mistaken for the star of one.


Jax –  My classic Chihuahua good looks could sell a lot of taco’s. I am an independent boy and while I enjoy the occasional cuddling, I will give you plenty of space. I am told that my quiet nature is unusual for my breed but I prefer to only speak on matters of great importance like empty food bowls or the lack of cookies.  I’ve always had a thing for the bigger girls so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable about eating that extra bowl of ice cream as long as you are willing to share with me.

 Needless to say we have a variety and any dog lover can certainly find plenty of love and laughter at our house.


  1. Love those doggie personals! Walter is such a character but my loyalty is with Bentley, of course.
    Alanis & Miro Airedales

  2. What wonderful honest personals - that Walter reads like a firecracker...All cute...



  3. Nice to meet Walter, Jax and Bridgett. I usually only hear about the black and tans but must say that Walter looks like a good addition to any family!