Saturday, August 7, 2010

About Marriage

Marriage throughout history has been more about business and property and much less, thought was given to the feelings of the parties involved. Today arranged marriages still exist but fortunately, for most of us we are free to choose our partners.

What about Marriage as a religious institution?

Those who oppose same-sex marriage often argue from the perspective that Marriage is a religious institution. Recent challenges to US law restricting marriage to heterosexual couples have brought much debate on this topic. If we looked at our history and considered that, the English Puritans who were the original settlers passed acts of Parliament to make marriage a purely secular institution the arguments would seem to hold little weight.


What about my Marriage?

Karen and I chose to get married because we want to spend the rest of our lives together and we wanted to make that commitment to our relationship and each other. The decision to go to Massachusetts and have a legal ceremony was simply a choice we made and neither of us intended to politicize the event. It was just about our mutual Love and our desire to have the ceremony for ourselves. I've known many others who choose to have a ceremony with friends and family and no legal recognition, or simply to commit to each other and I honestly don't think one is better than the other because to me Marriage is about love and commitment. True marriage takes place in the heart regardless of the ceremony. We originally planned for it to be just the two of us because it isn't about anyone else and the idea of putting on a big show somehow tarnished the sentiment for us.

More to come... I will post more photos and the rest of the story in the coming days but for today, I am off to spend the day with Karen and our friends.

For those who just can't wait I have uploaded a few photo's from the days leading up to the ceremony  - Just us and the family touring in Boston and Salem. you can see these at My Picture Trail

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